Pinoy’s Haplos Drama Story and Plot Detail

Pinoy’s Haplos Drama Story and Plot Detail: Angela is a remarkable delight. His essential strokes fill in as a fix whether it be a torment or a tendency. Regardless, he didn’t know yet. Angela similarly did not understand that she had a twin kin. It will appear in the person of Lucille his kin outside. If Angela could deal with the cost of the treatment, Lucille would need to get.

Angela’s peaceful life in the wake of her sister’s entrance happened in view of her father’s present relationship. Lucille will take everything from Angela to think it justifies her. By what means may Angela use her ability to stop Lucille and restore her life and the all-inclusive community around her right?

Summation of Haplos Drama

Angela an energetic young woman with an extraordinary ability to treat others through her stroke made out of love that she procured from her grandmother Biring, the most extreme healer-sentinel of her shot.

Gerald Angela’s committed and powerful lover will’s character the point of convergence of the strain and the dispute from the relatives. Its opportunity to divulge the Pinoy’s Haplos Drama Story and Plot Details and cast discourse.

Haplos Drama Cast and Crew

Sanya Lopez as Angela Marie Alonzo

Thea Tolentino as Lucille Bermudez

Pancho Magno as Benedict

Rocco Nacino as Gerald Cortez

Supporting cast

Celia Rodriguez as Bettina

Emilio Garcia as Renato Alonzo

Patricia Javier as Minda Luciano

Francine Prieto as Mercedes

Maria Isabel Lopez as Cora Mambabarang

Lito Legaspi as Eduardo

Nikki Co as Jake

Mega Unciano as Mega

While Lucille is a terrible woman, Angela’s relative and Renato’s con artist to his past uncommon woman Mercedes, who has the limit of hurting others through her touch in Pinoy Tambayan show. Lucille procured the witchcraft limit from her grandmother Biring, the best sorceress of her chance, whom she picked up from Cora, an artfulness scourge witch and essential enemy of Biring who will demonstrate to Lucille industry standards to use her amazing capacity for her response and extremist goal purposes made out of shock. Here is the wellspring of Filipino motion pictures for additionally points of interest.

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